HI-R 1000 ENT Microscope

Enhance your clarity, stability, and flexibility

Experience a new level of visualization, with best-in-class stability and effortless movement through our exclusive SensoServo fly-by-wire technology.

The Hi-R 1000 also enables you to stay focused on the surgical field. That’s because the optional image injection system displays the live image and the OCT scan simultaneously in both binoculars. Add the Sony 3D video system to enhance co-observation and teaching, and you have an unparalleled microscope for neurosurgery.

Let us show you the difference.

Highly configurable for advanced teaching

This microscope features:

  • 25mm stereo base
  • Dual 300W Xenon light source
  • 5-step illumination diaphragm
  • Active light routing system between face-to-face and side observation
  • Electromagnetic brakes
  • Motorized zoom and focus
  • Double iris diaphragm

Powerful technology for effortless visualization

The Hi-R 1000 offers the best 3D depth perception in the market, a large depth of field, and legendary optics, all on the most stable foundation—it never needs to be balanced.

Several features make it ideal for teaching. The unique, optional image injection lets you view the live image and the OCT image at the same time through both binoculars. And with the optional Sony 3D video system you can capture any images you need.

Making this microscope even easier to use is our exclusive Senso-Servo fly-by-wire technology that provides effortless, precise movement.

Experience it for yourself.