Allegra 50 ENT Microscope

Ideal for exam rooms

As a compact, ergonomic, flexible microscope combined with exceptional diagnostics, incredible optical quality, and a full 65mm objective lens, this microscope is ideal for the exam room.

The Allegra 50 features the best 3D depth perception in the market, a large depth of field, and requires no balancing. It’s just one more way Haag-Streit gives you the tools you need to provide the best patient care.

Gain space without compromising on quality.

Co-observation with simplified documentation

M.DIS, the high-resolution observation monitor, can be directly mounted to the microscope arm. A 1 CCD camera module can be integrated into the microscope body as an optional accessory.

Compact quality

  • 5 mm stereo base for expanded 3D vision
  • Halogen or LED lighting systems
  • Illumination of the full visual field
  • Selectable spot diaphragms
  • Motorized zoom and focus
  • Manual 5-step magnification changer
  • Fixed front lens for working distances of 250 mm
  • Optional: integrated camera modules