ENT 3.6F Series- Flexible Nasopharyngoscopes

Proven performance in two flexible configurations

Our ENT 3.6F series flexible nasopharyngoscopes offer high-resolution image quality by virtue of their superior optics, illumination and wide field of view, packaged in a lightweight, sleek design that is easy and convenient to use. They are ideal for a variety of minimally invasive diagnostic and surgical applications.

The ENT 3.6F is available in two variations to meet your clinical needs.

Features & Benefits

  • High articulation range for increased maneuverability
  • High-resolution fiber optic image with wide field of view
  • Superior optics and illumination for ample, accurate, color-consistent imaging
  • Lightweight, sleek, ergonomic design
  • Durability, reliability and ease of maintenance
  • Fully immersible, leak testable and video compatible