Dexta MK52-602 Procedure Chair


The Dexta MK52-602 Procedure Chair is a great example of what the Dexta Corporation has done the past 49 years by specializing in manufacturing high quality patient positioning medical equipment and devices that are Made in America. This heavy-duty Dexta model offers 4 basic functions: Up/Down, Back Rest Up/Down, Foot Rest Up/Down, and Tilt Back/Forth. These functions are controlled by a foot pedal attached to the front of the chair.

Dexta MK52-602 Procedure Chair Features

  • Premium high torque actuators
  • Motorized back with synchronized foot
  • Motorized seat tilt with Trendelenburg position
  • Motorized High lift power base
  • Corded remote foot control with dismiss function
  • Illuminated On/Off Circuit Breaker
  • Emergency Stop Switch
  • Powder coated scratch resistant aluminum alloy frame
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