Haag-Streit 610 Treatment Cabinet

Stay organized with this sleek storage option

The new 610 Cabinet (replacing the models 525 and 600) is a tall, traditional-style treatment cabinet with extensive storage, instruments within reach, an easy-to-clean laminate top, and plenty of space for charting. Customize the laminate top and surfaces with a range of colors to suit your practice.


  • Full-extension drawers are equipped with plastic liners to keep instruments segregated and to facilitate cleaning.
  • Two additional deep drawers provide plenty of storage space
  • 1200cc disposable suction container
  • Two Welch Allyn instruments
  • Vacuum and pressure pumps and hoses
  • Your choice of three pieces of glassware
  • Optional warming drawer or glass bead warmer prevents condensation on instruments


  • Overall height: 58”
  • Height to work surface: 45”
  • Width: 33”
  • Depth: 20 7/16”