Haag-Streit 425 Treatment Cabinet

Contemporary style with a durable, spacious work surface

The 425 cabinet’s contemporary design features a large work surface and seamless construction for quick clean-ups. Customize the laminate surface to match your office space.


Generous drawer space

  • Generously proportioned full-extension drawers are equipped with plastic liners to keep instruments segregated and to facilitate cleaning.
  • Optional Warming Drawer prevents condensation on instruments.

Access tools and instruments easily

  • Elevated work center provides easy access to instruments and prevents them from cluttering the work surface and coming in contact with contaminants. Work center also features built-in glove and tissue dispensers.
  • Suction and pressure 1,000 cc disposable suction container is located on a swivel arm for easy changing. Automatic shutoff prevents spills. Pressure hose is equipped with thumb piece regulator. Holders on side of cabinet store hoses out of way.
  • On/Off switch, vacuum and pressure pump switches, and LED instrument charging indicators are kept at the practitioner’s fingertips.

Reduces noise and particulates

  • Suction provided by a pair of Gast Pumps, which are housed in a soundproofed compartment. Five-micron air filter eliminates particulates. Optional foot pedal control pumps.


  • Instrumentation includes two Welch-Allyn 3.5 volt rechargeable instruments, a complete glassware set, and two stainless steel cotton containers.


  • Fiber optic light source
  • Foot switch
  • Concealed drawer warmer
  • Debris tray and tray holder