Haag-Streit 150 Treatment Cabinet

Conserve space and money

The 150 is a sturdy, affordable American-made cabinet with a small footprint.


  • Standard instrumentation includes two 3.5-volt rechargeable instruments, a choice of heads, and three glassware sets with two stainless steel cotton containers
  • Instruments are strategically placed above the work surface but within reach
  • 1000 cc disposable suction container shuts off automatically to prevent spills
  • Pressure hose has a thumb piece regulator
  • Holders on side of cabinet store hoses
  • Drawer inserts keep instruments segregated and organized
  • Heavy-duty gast pressure and suction pumps with a five-micron air filter and air pressure regulator eliminate particulates. Optional foot pedal controls pumps
  • Laminate surface cleans up quickly and provides ample room for charting


  • Overall height: 48 3/8″.
  • Height to work surface: 33 3/8″.
  • Width: 24 3/8″.
  • Depth: 20 1/4″.