MobileFEES System

Providing Portable Swallowing Diagnostics

The MobileFEES System allows Speech Language Pathologists and Otolaryngologist’s to perform the Flexible Endoscopic Evaluation of Swallowing, (FEES) procedure, at the patient bedside, or in the traditional office based practice setting. This compact mobile equipment, opens the door to creating your potential, for clinical business opportunities. With the MobileFEES System, you bring the mobile FEES equipment to the patient, which avoids impractical transports of patients to radiology suites, or out of the healthcare facility.

The MobileFEES System incorporates the ENTityXL (3.6mm shaft diameter) or ENTitySDXL (2.7mm shaft diameter) Nasopharyngoscope with its internal LED light source and the VidCap USB Video Camera System making this system completely portable.

The MobileFEES is a perfect system for nursing homes, rehabilitation, hospitals, clinics and independent Speech Language Pathologists.

Features & Benefits

On-site FEES and equipment training & service — A combination of clinical support, superior customer service and after training support

Portability in the Office / Hospital / Bedside— The system is packaged together in a portable carrying case to allow you to bring the scope to the patient  to provide the most accurate diagnosis.

Easy to use software — The Windows based software allows you to capture still images as well as streaming video that can be printed and shared.  There are various options for storage and is also EMR compatible.  A FEES report template is available for easy patient review.