DRE Versailles P100 Powered Mobile Surgery Table

The complete multi-function mobile operating room table.

The DRE Versailles P100 is more than a surgery table. It lets you move patients from pre-op to the operating room to post-op without transferring the patient from a stretcher to a surgery table and back. The DRE Versailles P100 does it all by incorporating the mobility of a stretcher into a fully-functional surgery table.

The powered DRE Versailles P100 operating room table is more mobile than most stretchers or surgical tables and is a total solution for hospitals and surgery centers. This multi-function table can replace several devices at once to create an extreme value. Rely on the DRE Versailles P100 for exceptional stability, full C-arm access, patient transport, and complete surgical positioning.

The DRE Versailles P100 is available with a variety of optional accessories, including armboards, leg positioners for gynecological procedures, and many types of headrests.

Features & Benefits

  • Four remote-activated powered functions
  • Traversing patient platform
  • Full C-arm coverage
  • Superior surgical access
  • Lateral tilt
  • Excellent stability
  • 550-lb. (250 kg) weight limit

Transport and Recovery

  • Patient safety rails fitted for patient comfort and safety
  • Unique retractable steering mechanism engaged for maximum maneuverability


  • Designed for every stage of endoscopy — carries patients from pre-op to procedure to recovery.
  • Offers C-arm compatibility for imaging and the benefits of a fully-featured surgical table.
  • DRE Versailles Endoscopy Brochure


  • Patient platform traversed head end for access
  • Ophthalmic head section fitted

C-arm access

  • Traversing top allows for full C-arm access

Gynecology features

  • Patient platform traversed to foot end for access
  • Leg section removed for access
  • Head section removed for anesthesia access
  • Fitted with optional powered leg supports

Shoulder Arthroscopy features

  • Patient platform traversed foot end for access
  • Optional arthroscopy backrest fitted

Additional Trolley Features

  • Powered Functions
  • Lateral Tilt
  • Head End Traverse
  • Foot End Traverse
  • K8 Pressure Care Mattress
  • Removable Ultra Lightweight Leg Section
  • Removable and Rotating Patient Safety Rails
  • Push Button Release and Self Locking Controls
  • 5th Wheel Steering Mechanism
  • Advanced 4 Caster Braking System
  • E Size Oxygen Cylinder Trough (Side Loading)
  • Transfusion Pole with Mounting Position
  • 150 mm Caster

Optional Features

  • Spare Transfusion Pole
  • Sculpted Mattress for Head Support
  • Ophthalmic Head Support
  • Removable Shoulder Arthroscopy Backrest
  • Padded Cotside Covers – Gray
  • Padded Cotside Covers – Child Print
  • Articulating Removable Leg Section
  • Removable Leg Section w/ Full Length Side Rail
  • Press Mattress Complete
  • Accessory Trolley
  • Accessory Trolley Spare Trough
  • Spare Powered Trolley Hand Control
  • Spare Powered Trolley Charging Cable
  • CD Side Cylinder Support Bracket


  • Height (min): 23.8″ (605 mm)
  • Height (max): 39.5″ (1,005 mm)
  • Trolley length: 82.7″ (2,100 mm)
  • Side Rail Width: 25.8″ (655 mm)
  • Cotside Width: 30.3″ (770 mm)
  • Brake Width (Brakes off): 33″ (835 mm)
  • Mattress Length: 80.3″ (2,040 mm)
  • Mattress Width: 23.6″ (600 mm)
  • Mattress Depth: 3″ (75 mm)
  • Base Length: 47″ (1,190 mm)
  • Trendelenburg: 20°
  • Reverse Trendelenburg: 12°
  • Lateral Tilt: +12°/-12°
  • Backrest Articulation: 0 – 65°
  • Head Section Articulation: +30°/-30°
  • Head End Traverse: 9″ (230 mm)
  • Foot End Traverse: 9″ (230 mm)
  • C-arm Access: 100%
  • Max. Patient Weight Limits: 550 lbs (250 kg)
  • Trolley Weight: 352 lbs (160 kg)
  • Leg Section Weight: 13.2 lbs (6 kg)