Why We Give Back

Years ago, I was with some optometrists in a third world country.  Someone had donated a bunch of glasses and we were doing exams and fitting the local residents with glasses.  Many of them had various health issues contributing to poor vision. We also saw people with cataracts and other obvious vision difficulties.  A young woman came in with her son.  She didn’t have any apparent vision difficulties but when we measured her eyes’ refractory capability, her reading was off the chart.

At first I thought there was something wrong with the equipment but after testing, it became apparent that she was virtually blind.  One of the pairs of glasses in the stash was like the thickest coke-bottle glasses you’ve ever seen.  We adjusted them to fit the young woman.  She put on the glasses and looked at her son.  It was the first time she had ever seen him.

That woman inspired me to give back to the people less fortunate than those in our country.

And recently, a dentist friend of mine was doing charity work in Mexico.  He asked me if I knew of a scope that could be donated.  I had one in my inventory and sent it on.  Now, when he goes down to Mexico, he won’t have to carry a scope with him.

While donating equipment to ophthalmologists, dentists and ENT specialists is something we do at Sunshine, the most basic needs of people are food and water.  Therefore, I’m teaming with other caring physicians and individuals to feed the poor in countries where it is most needed.

Why Haiti?

Every day, there is someone in desperate need of help. A mother that has no food for her children, a family with no safe home or means to earn sustainable income, a child in need of education, a village with no access to clean water.

I have a passion to help the people of Haiti, who have been ravaged by hurricanes and poverty.

Together, we have the power to change this reality and transform someone’s life. The money we raise through Champions For The Poor will go directly towards providing relief and development initiatives for those in need.

Please donate to my cause today to change someone’s life now. Every dollar raised will benefit someone in desperate need of assistance.

Glen Barnes
Owner, Sunshine Opthalmic and ENT Equipment

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Food For The Poor Inc.
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