Providing Equipment to Developing Countries

Providing Equipment to Developing Countries


I recently read a very short article in OTOLARYNGOLOGY Open Journal that spoke about some of the new equipment and technology available for the ENT field.

Here’s an excerpt:

“New technology has been included in the daily practices, such as functional endoscopics in surgery, minimally invasive surgery, robotic and sleep surgery.” (CLICK HERE to read the rest.)

The journal goes on to say that it’s difficult to access some of these procedures in developing countries.

Recently I provided a scope to a dentist friend who was helping out in Mexico – as you can see here.  My point is not to sell you anything with this blog, nor to blow my own horn, just to let you know that help is needed that we can provide.

I will be going to Haiti in the New Year with doctors.  There are so many people in other countries who could definitely use the benefit of our technology.  It’s all about working together to figure out how to help.

Also, I’ll be launching a new website shortly that will allow everyone to help countries such as Haiti.