The importance of Light Sources in ENT

The importance of Light Sources in ENT

Parents rely on doctors to diagnose and fix their children. One of the ways that ENT doctors do so is with the help of LED technology.

As doctors, you have seen all the write-ups. But, let me refresh your memories about the importance of small, portable, cord free light sources.

Here is what the product specs say: Whether inspecting plumbing lines or aircraft engine internals, cords just get in the way. The Optim Portable LED Light Source (PLS) transforms your fiberscope or borescope by delivering exceptional light intensity and quality in a compact unit that eliminates external light sources and tethers.  Bright lighting with precise control is crucial for industrial inspection tasks. Optim provides compact, portable lighting solutions that simplify the task of delivering illumination to hidden areas, facilitating effective and efficient inspection virtually anywhere.


Integrated design—Connects directly to your fiberscope or borescope, eliminating cumbersome cords. Our integrated approach gives users a new level of freedom and flexibility.

Compact power—Our patented light coupling technology focuses and shapes the light, delivering more brightness where it counts: at the end of the scope. Rechargeable batteries provide power for an entire day of inspections.

Broad compatibility—Compatible with fiberscopes and borescopes from a variety of manufacturers, using industry-standard Storz type thread connection. This offers the flexibility of one light source that can be used with multiple devices.

Optim PLS connects to scopes from a variety of vendors.

After speaking with many doctors and patients alike, the use of portable light sources when incorporated in their practices has been a much needed addition to the way medicine is practiced. Recently we spoke with one of our physicians who had purchased this product from us and this is what they had to say:

“I bought this product because I was told by a colleague that these were the brightest battery-operated, portable, LED light sources that are available for use with medical and industrial grade lens and fiber type endoscopes. I have to say it has been a success so far and yes! It is the brightest LED light source I’ve used, so far”

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